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what does "they'll have a time"mean? does "they"here mean prostitute? "We ought to go with them," Bonello said. "That would be a good trip." "We'll have a good trip," I said. "We'll have a hell of a trip." "That's what I mean," I said. We came up the drive to the villa. "I'd like to be there when some of those tough babies climb in and try and hop them." "You think they will?" "Sure. Everybody in the Second Army knows that matron." We were outside the villa. "They call her the Mother Superior," Bonello said. "The girls are new but everybody knows her. They must have brought them up just before the retreat." "They'll have a time." "I'll say they'll have a time. I'd like to have a crack at them for nothing. They charge too much at that house anyway. The government gyps us." "Take the car out and have the mechanics go over it," I said. "Change the oil and check the differential. Fill it up and then get some sleep."
Dec 10, 2016 2:18 PM
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Yes - it is referring to the prostitutes. It means they'll have a difficult time.
December 10, 2016
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