展览, 展会, 展览会, and 博览会 Could you please help me to discriminate between those words? It looks like the word 展览 is more likely then others to be used to describe art exhibitions.
Dec 10, 2016 11:21 PM
Answers · 4
Yes, 展览is frequently used for describing art exhibitions. 展会、展览会 are used to describe some commercial exhibition, companies showing their products for people who may have the intend to buy them. 博览会seems in a larger scale, or usually on a high level, like 2010 Shanghai World Exposition, 上海世界博览会。Hope this may help.
December 11, 2016
Hi, 展览, 展会, 展览会, and 博览会 these words have a similar meaning, or sometimes we use 博物館 as the same meaning as a museum. 展会 is kind of abbreviation of 展览会, in Chinese, we like to cut the beginning and ending of a compound words as an abbreviation. 展览 vs 展览会, you can try to divide to see them, there is only a word 会, which mean a place for displaying some art design, so, you can treat 展览 like this example, I'd like to see "art design" with my friend. 館 or 会 mean a place or a meeting Hopefully, this explanation can help you. :)
December 11, 2016
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