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In the career do you usually make a periodic report to your boss or not? Hi there, In eastern society, in general, we don't meet our boss too much, alway be waiting for he/she needs us, and we will go to see him/her. I would like to ask 2 questions about western cultures as below. In the career do you usually make a periodic report to your boss or not? If yes, how often do I make a report that is a better way? Thank you.
Dec 11, 2016 6:17 AM
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It depends a lot on the culture. Not just the country, but the local culture of business, location, office, & most of all boss. I work in New Zealand. Here people are rather informal. In our engineering office, we tend to see each other several times a day, so regular formal catch-up meetings are not common, unless the boss wants one for some reason. . Different people have different communication styles. With my previous boss, I sent an email if I thought he needed to know something. My new boss is very aural/oral. He does not read emails more than a few lines & is much happier if you just tell him stuff & he likes it to be brief & not detailed. We do tend to work on longer-term things. Maybe less need to report frequently. So, personal culture. office culture organisational culture maybe then the culture of the country. . Other people may have different circumstances.
December 11, 2016
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