How to translate "小鲜肉”、“老腊肉” and “ 硬汉” to Slang English? “小鲜肉” describes a young handsome boy. It used to be considered as a handsome man, unfortunately he has be old-fashioned nowadays , the man is described by "老腊肉”. "硬汉” describes that a man who has perfect firm muscles from head to foot is good at fighting with vicious power and has a flexible mind. Please help me to improve my sentences Thanks you!
Dec 11, 2016 12:56 PM
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Oh my. Sounds like you've got a date. 小鲜肉, 老腊肉, 硬汉 are all probably Chinese slang right? So Google Translate will have some difficulty. I will attempt to translate to the best of my knowledge of English literature... 小鲜肉: Dashing Young Lad / Man / Gentleman 老腊肉: Distinguished Fellow / Man 硬汉: Stud / Tough Guy / Macho Guy The list of slang-descriptions is not exhaustive, and you'll get more answers from other people over time. Good luck!
December 11, 2016
For ages 30-60 where I am in the US we use handsome the most when we are referring to older gentleman For handsome young boys where i am from we use little heart-breaker. The joke is if they look handsome as little boys then they will break all the girls hearts later in life. For a man who has perfect firm muscles from head to foot here we use words like beefy or ripped. For a man who good at fighting with vicious power, we don't really have a word for this but we do have words for fighting like beat down or go postal (depends on the conversation). If you are talking about a fight you can say things like "I put the beat down on (enter persons name here)" or "(enter name here ) put the beat down on (enter name here)". As for go postal you would use it in situations where you are getting upset/angry at a situation or someone else is. Examples are : " I am about to go postal!" or "(enter name here) looks like they are about to go postal, we should go help them". For someone with a flexible mind again is not something we have where I am in the US, closest I know that would come close is OpenMinded. Example is " Wow (enter name here) is so openminded about equal rights." (only real example i can think of that someone has said in the last few months here) This is all where i am from in the United states. You can find more English slang at
December 11, 2016
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