Katy Fu
translation from Chinese to into English “效率”被认为是市场主导的优势,“公平”被认为是政府主导的优势。借鉴西方学者效率与公平对立的观点,争议于是乎始。然而,效率与公平的对立,从来都是相对于“结果公平”而言的。比如为了提高生产效率,就必须打破“大锅饭”(结果公平)。效率与起点公平和规则公平是完全不矛盾的。而照顾穷人正是这种起点公平,否则所谓的“效率”只能是一种伪效率,是以牺牲穷人的生命和健康为代价的“带血”的效率。在这一点上,目前的“市场化”并不可取。 Efficiency is regarded as the advantage of market-based, while fairness is regarded as the advantage of government-based. As the western scholars oppose fairness and efficiency, the argument of market-based and government- based began. However, the opposition between efficiency and fairness only occurs when we take fairness as absolute fairness. For example, in order to increase productivity, we need to break the “the big rice bowl” system, which is absolute fairness. Efficiency is not contradicted with jumping-off point equity and rule fairness. To care for the poor is jumping-off equity. Without this, the efficiency would be pseudo efficiency, which is achieved at the price of the poor’s lives and health. At this point, it’s not wise to conduct the market-based medical reform.
Dec 12, 2016 7:55 AM
Katy Fu
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