Would you please help me with my sentences? 1. I slept/was sleeping/have slept/am sleeping on a sofa because my parents have come for the weekend. (I think all the options are correct, without a given context, right? But this is a test paper question, so only one answer is Ok. I don't know which to choose) 2. People are often surprised by how much their parents really to their side when they ask for help. (I am pretty much sure this sentence is wrong, I think we should say "...parents are really on their side...", right?) 3. I found for the first time that its(an umbrella) wooden handle worn out as a result of repeated rain-wash for years. (Is this sentence correct?) Thank you in advance.
Dec 12, 2016 10:32 AM
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1. Ok, so "have come" is a fixed part of the sentence; it is not an option. So you have to find the option that matches "have come". Your options are a) slept b) was sleeping c) have slept and d) am sleeping. So, no, not all of the options are correct; only the one whose tense matches the tense of "have come" is correct. That option is d). 2. I think this one is testing your ability to distinguish between two words that are similar, and commonly confused for one another. I draw your attention to the word "really". What other English word is similar to "really"? Try changing/adding/removing one or more letters. Find a word, to replace "really", that forms an idiom, or common saying, with the words around it when you put it in place of "really" in that sentence. The idiom is not "really to someone's side", it's "<?> to someone's side". What is the word? Oh, and btw, no, I don't think the solution is anything to do with "...parents are really on their side..." because it's the word "really" that's wrong. 3. Hmm, that's a bit confusing, and the best I can do is offer these two (corrected, but different) sentences: "I found for the first time that it's an umbrella's wooden handle that's been worn out as a result of repeated rain-wash for years." or "I found for the first time that its wooden handle is worn out as a result of repeated rain-wash for years." Be careful of the distinction between the word "its" (possessive, meaning "belonging to it") and "it's" (a contraction of "it is"). :)
December 12, 2016
1. I slept on the sofa because my parents CAME for the weekend. (past so their visit was in the past) I am sleeping on the sofa because my parents have come for the weekend. (temporary - now) I was sleeping on the sofa when my parents came to visit. (specific time in the past) 2. yes, the sentence is wrong, and you are right! :-)
December 12, 2016
Hi Here is my view. 1, You're right there is not a lot of context. However, the word COME has been used so it could suggest that the parents have come, and are still there, and have not gone yet. If they left / been and gone = CAME. If they are on their way COMING I'd select "I am sleeping on the sofa" as they could still be there, nothing to suggest they have gone or when they will go. And you could say " I WILL sleep on the sofa as my parents are COMING" for when they are due to arrive in the future. 2. Yes, the sentence is incorrect I'd agree with you. 3. This is not a great sentence! But the best I can offer to try to make it sound correct is " I have found for the first time the ( umbrella's) wooden handle, IS worn out, as a result of repeated rain-wash OVER the years. IS= as the wood is presently worn out at the time you have noticed it.
December 12, 2016
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