What does he mean in the dialog ? 【I saw this one a website, She thinks she's cool, but she said noboy admit it except her mother】 Friend 4 (who may or may not be my husband) Me: Do you think I'm cool? F4: Why? What's going on, what's wrong? Me: Nothing. Just do you? F4: I don't get it. Me: Sounds like a yes! F4: No I wouldn't say that... Me: So no? F4: Well, I'm not sure I understand the question.. Me: And yet you know the answer is not yes? F4: You love lords of the ring. Me: The LORD of the RINGS.... I see your point. (who may or may not be my husband)——i guess he's her boyfriend, "do you think I'm cool" it seems it's a simple question, why her boyfriend can't answer with yes or no dirrectly? "F4: You love lords of the ring. Me: The LORD of the RINGS.... I see your point." Does that mean he thinks she is cool?
Dec 12, 2016 5:56 PM
Answers · 4
Well, to be honest, there seems to be nothing witty or useful in the dialog. "lords of the ring" is just a play on "lord of the rings", nothing meaningful as far as I know. One can say"from the heart of my bottom" instead of "from the bottom of my heart", bu so what? Maybe some 12 year old kids might find it funny sometimes, but not most adults. Sorry if I disappointed you, but all I see in it is just silly stuff to fill the space. Nothing cool or interesting.
December 12, 2016
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