In Hindi, what does the word 'kitnu' mean? I have read it sometimes and in the context it seems like it means something like 'however' or 'but instead', but I'm not sure and I would be interested to know what it means and what circumstances to use it :)*Actually my mistake :) I meant to write 'kintu', I've just always accidentally read it as 'kitnu'.
Dec 13, 2016 12:03 AM
Answers · 4
That means "but", a direct Sanskrit loanword. Another Sanskrit derived synonym is "parantu". The Urdu cognate is "lekin", used much more frequently than either of these.
December 14, 2016
Can you cite an example of the usage of "kitnu"? I can't remember any particular instance where this word is used. Did you mean "kitne" which means "how many" ?
December 13, 2016
Mean of that is in English but
May 22, 2017
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