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How to refer to time in bahasa Melayu I'm very confused about how to refer to time in Malay. dua tahun yg lepas-tahun lalu/tahun yg lepas-tahun ini-tahun depan/hadapan/belakang-dua tahun dapan/hadapan/belakang I presume tahun and minggu can be swapped here. tiga hari yg lepas-selumbari/kelmarin dulu/dulu semalam-semalam/kelmarin -hari ini-besok/esok-lusa-tulat-empat hari dapan/hadapan/belakang Are they all correct or not? Thanks for helping!
Dec 13, 2016 7:56 AM
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Malay has certain way to tell the day/time. In English, let say today is Wednesday. Yesterday was Tuesday, tomorrow is Thursday and the day after tomorrow is Friday. In Malay, HARI INI (today) hari Rabu, KELMARIN (yesterday) hari Selasa, ESOK (tomorrow) hari Khamis, LUSA (the day after tomorrow) hari Jumaat, TULAT (3rd day after TODAY) is Saturday. SEMALAM [se-malam] in this context means last night, time from last sunset until today sunrise. However there are in the certain part of Malaysia (central to Southern Peninsular) had different definition between SEMALAM and KELMARIN. In this region SEMALAM means Yesterday where KELMARIN means the day before yesterday. As you are learning the language, it is better for you to stick on the first rule as it is more linguistically relevant.
December 15, 2016
Tahun = year, dua tahun lepas = two years ago/last two years, tahun lalu(lepas) = last year, tahun ini = this year, tahun depan(hadapan) = next year dua tahun hadapan(depan) = two years ahead word in bracket has similar meaning to the word on the left. Minggu means Week. Yes you can swap with Tahun.
December 15, 2016
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