lose my s**t? Please check my sentences to see if I use the slang "lose one's shit" correctly. 1. Seeing his car window smashed by some mischievous boy, he lost his s**t.(He saw red) 2. Jack lost his s**t when the company's top brass came to scrutinize his work.(He was worried/scared to death/lost his nerve) 3. This morning I mistakenly used a fork to cut the bread, I must have lost my s**t!(My IQ has failed me) 4. Hearing the alarm go off at the school, all students lost their s**t in no time. (Students freaked out) 5. "The food is so delicious," cried Jim, "I almost lose my s**t!" Do I use the slang correctly? Thank you.
Dec 13, 2016 10:02 AM
Answers · 10
In the sense of throwing a temper or panicking, those examples are correct (sentences 1 and 2). Sentence 3 sounds very strange. Maybe it's such a strong reaction to a minor mistake? I would say, "I'm losing the plot." The phrase "in no time" (Sentence 4) actually means something was completed successfully and very quickly. It doesn't fit the sentence. Use "immediately" or no adverb at all. Sentence 5 almost sounds literal (diarrhoea?), and it's a reaction so extreme that it's comical. I can't imagine using it in that way.
December 13, 2016
用的都对,不过你有一些意思没有分清楚。这句俚语的意思跟“要发疯了”差得不远。 真是太厉害了!你居然在学美国俚语! In fact, I'm about to lose my sh*t seeing you lose your sh*t so often =)
December 13, 2016
This is primarily a US phrase, and I'm English, but I'd suggest that 3) and 6) are incorrect. Others are good though! I don't think you would use this phrase for 3) - mistake / lack of concentration etc, or for 6) something positive. My understanding is that this phrase is only used to describe being angry.
December 13, 2016
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