Could you help me to respond this email in an appropriate and polite way? I send an email to a professor and asked him about available PhD positions. He responded to my email as: Dear Faisal: Unfortunately, I am not accepting any new students in preparation for my retirement. With best wishes, Rama Bhat Now I'd like to respond to him in a polite way. I'd like to say that although I'm sad about that he can't accept me, I really appreciate his quick response. Thank you for your helps in advance.
Dec 13, 2016 2:09 PM
Answers · 4
Dear Professor Bhat: I very much appreciate your quick response. I had very much wanted to be one of your students. I wish you, sir, a very happy and productive retirement. Sincerely yours, Faisal [last name]
December 13, 2016
All you need to do is use "the fact," before the "that," in your own message and then you have answered your own question. You might want to add a wish for a happy retirement. Why not have a go at writing something yourself, and then post it in the corrections thread (Notebook)?
December 13, 2016
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