as...as? what? I don't understand! >:/ I had been watching this combination in many opportunities, but I don't understand it,what is the mean of this? when should I use this? Correct my words pls!
Dec 14, 2016 1:20 AM
Answers · 3
"as" is often used for comparing things. So, some of "as" in usage are: 1.) "I will do it as soon as possible." 2.) "She is as beautiful as can be." 3.) "It as cold as ice." 4.) "He is as smart as Einstein." The first two examples are more abstract. The first means that I will do something quickly, like the fastest way possible. The second means that someone is very beautiful, like the most beautiful thing possible. The second two examples are more direct. The third example means that something is like ice because it is so cold. The fourth example means that someone is like the genius Einstein, because he is so smart. Hope this helps!
December 14, 2016
Hey David, the phrase "as . . . as" is to compare two quantities. For instance, "I don't have as much money as you" or, "I have as many kids as you." Basically it is to compare the quantities possessed by two different subjects in the sentence. Hope that helps. Hola David, la frase "as . . . as" es para comparar 2 cantidades. Por ejemplo, el equivalente en español sería "tanto . . . como." La frase, "no tengo tanto dinero como tú" se traduce "I don't have as much money as you." Espero que esto te ayude.
December 14, 2016
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