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Rubén Darío
Wie sagt man "woher kommst du?" oder "wo kommst du her?" ?
1 févr. 2008 06:54
Answers · 3
As far as I understood , ( my spain is lousy ) Kalaita is right There is NO difference between "woher kommst du?" and "wo kommst du her? [ I think , in my opinion "wo kommst du her?" "wo gehst du hin? " is a little more used in general speaking "woher kommst du? " "wohin gehst du? " sound a little little little bit more formal , to me ...this could also be ment in a Philosophical sense ... ] Its really hard to find a difference between those sentence You can use both in any situation , you will never do wrong You can use as you like without any probleme
1 février 2008
Las dos son correctísimas, simplemente el "Wo kommst du her" es una forma más coloquial que la primera, pero repito, puedes utilizar cualquiera de las dos formas.
1 février 2008
Es gibt keinen Entershied zwischen den zwei Saetzen!!!!!!!!!!!
5 février 2008
Rubén Darío
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