Раньше трудно выло жить, а сейчас нормально жить Hi Can anyone explain to me, why in this sentence, the infinitive form of 'жить' is used? In this sentence the speaker is talking about himself. Shouldn't he say: Раньше трудно жил, а сейчас нормально живу Is this also correct? What are the differences? Thanks
Mar 1, 2017 6:10 AM
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If you say "раньше ...жил" - it will be automatically understood that you're speaking about your own experience, that it was YOU who led, e.g. a hard life in the past. It is understood in such a way, because the construction "трудно жить" is impersonal. Your audience won't connect it with you personally. You can use it to speak both about yourself and about, -e.g. - your ancestors. And only your further words can make clear what you mean. The variant "ТРУДНО ЖИЛ: even if you don't use personal pronoun, - is undermeant, due to the ending of the verb, that it's 1-st, 2-nd or 3-rd person singular . So it is not impersonal any more, - and is interpreted as a part of the speaker's experience.
March 1, 2017
"Раньше трудно было жить, а сейчас нормально". Verb "было" is the past tense form of verb "быть" . That is why the infinitive form of "жить" is used in first part of the sentence. It isn't necessary to use the infinitive form of verb "жить" after "нормально". "...а сейчас нормально" is enough. Examples: 1. Раньше трудно было жить (спать, есть, пить, ходить, лежать, учить), а сейчас легко. 2.Раньше нормально было жить (спать, есть, пить, ходить, лежать, учить), а сейчас трудно. You can also say "Раньше трудно жил, а сейчас нормально живу" without "было". This sentence have the same sense with first sentence. But in this case you should use past and present forms of verbs. "Раньше плохо спал (past), а сейчас хорошо сплю (present).", "Раньше тяжело учился (past), а сейчас легко учусь (present)."
March 1, 2017
If you say жил that means only your own life in particular. "Раньше трудно жил" sounds unnatural, better to say - Жизнь была тяжелее/сложнее. it describes life in general about everyone. Like in the past there was a tough life. But if you want to say only about your life then say - Мне раньше было тяжело/сложно жить
March 1, 2017
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