what does the “ beleaguered franchise“ mean? And he leads the ultimate team, a collection of talent and personalities that complement Curry’s game and push him to heights no one ever imagined for a kid from Davidson or this beleaguered franchise.
Mar 1, 2017 10:10 AM
Answers · 5
A "franchise" is a "packaged business" a good example is MacDonalds burger business. You can buy a MacDonalds business and with that comes all the marketing, the menus, the training etc. "beleaguered" means the business is under attack So his "packaged business is under attack"
March 1, 2017
It's a phrase you will see in US sports writing frequently. It means, basically, "team that has had a lot of problems for a lot of years." In this case, the franchise is the Golden State Warriors (basketball team).
March 1, 2017
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