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Why english is hard ??
3 feb 2008 08:50
Answers · 9
Because it is not our mother tongue- -!
3 febbraio 2008
englìsh is hard because you think so.. :) change your mind, and repeat these words with all your heart 'english is sooo.. easy!' 'english is sooo.. easy!' 'english is sooo.. easy!' hehe.. it's just a matter of time. i'm sure you'll find soon that english is easy Good Luck!
3 febbraio 2008
English isn't hard. English is one of the most easily languages for learn.
3 febbraio 2008
1. No, it isn't. (...when you've been learning for a few years...) 2. Why do you think so? Tell us more about your problem.
3 febbraio 2008
I've head it is very hard for others to learn. I personally think it's a boring language....haha....even though it's my mother tounge!
8 febbraio 2008
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