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Are these both ok? She ran to her mum with/in excitement. Thanks
6. Sept 2017 06:20
Answers · 4
Hi, Helen. It depends what you are trying to explain. If it is that a girl ran to her mum because she was excited and wanted to tell her mum something she (the girl) found exciting, it would be as follows: The girl, filled with excitement, ran to her mum. The girl ran to her mum, full of excitement. Filled with excitement, the girl ran to her mum. Full of excitement, the girl ran to her mum. She ran to her mom excitedly. She ran to her mom and told her excitedly, "......" You cannot be "in" excitement. And, you cannot be with excitement. You have to run excitedly, or you have to be filled with excitement. This is an advanced part of English. I do hope this helps!
6. September 2017
I would suggest either 'she ran to her mum in excitement' or 'she ran to her mum excitedly'. With would not be the best preposition here.
6. September 2017
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