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Fill correct word into blank Can you show me the correct word for the following description. My lamp did not work out this morning and I found that its electric wire was broken. I decided to fix it. I stripped out wire insulation about 5cm( on both 2 broken parts )so mutil core wires were exposed. But many core wires stretched out / bent over( not same as original condition) . So I make all core wires as straight as original condition. ( I used my fingers to stretch all core wires ). Then I twisted 2 core wires of 2 broken parts each other and taped on .......(.fixed position ) Thank you !
Sep 19, 2017 1:47 PM
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Hi Tuyet, Once the context is understood, that you are talking about the wires, you don't need to repeat the word "wire" all the time, only when you want to make it clearer. Also if you write in past tense, use past tense for the whole paragraph. My lamp did not work this morning and I found that the electric cord was broken, so I decided to fix it. I stripped out about 5 cm of the insulation on both broken wires to expose the multi core wires inside. Many of the core wires were stretched out or bent and no longer in their original condition. So I stretched and straightened them using my fingers, then I joined and twisted the core wires together and wrapped the exposed wire with tape, for each of the two wires.
September 22, 2017
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