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catrina h
does it cost money when getting a tutor or teacher...? (Im new) I'm really new and i know nothing about this app so please don't be shocked at my stupidity
Sep 22, 2017 5:10 PM
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Hello, The prices for teachers and tutors differ, because a teacher is supposed to have extra material. He or she should be able to foccus on different aspects of langugage as well as to help you to prepare for tests, ect. A tutor, however, is also a native speaker of the langugage, but he / she is not supposed to be qualified ( for eg. exam at university). To find a teacher, you click on: a) find a teacher b) select the language you want to learn c) choose the teacher you like and book a lesson. - Most teachers offer a 30 min trial lesson so that you can find out, whether the teacher fits your goals I hope that helps! Have a good start here on Italki!!! :-)
September 22, 2017
catrina h
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