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How do you say "I've been doing X for Y years/months" etc. in Spanish?
Sep 25, 2017 3:47 PM
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Cristina's answer is, in my opinion, incorrect. She has done a literal mistranslation. The correct way to say it in Spanish is to use the verb llevar. The semi-correct translation into Spanish would be: "Llevo Y años / meses haciendo X" or "llevo desde hace Y años haciendo X". Alternatively, a FAR more common (and natural sounding) verb tense to use in Spanish would be the present simple: "hago X desde hace Y meses / años" or "hace Y meses / años que hago X." It is likely that Cristina has made the mistake of doing a literal mistranslation because she is not a native English speaker so does not fully understand when and how we use this verb tense in English, so she has misunderstood the meaning of your question and has tried to translate it literally. Her sentence would be correct in Spanish, but in a different context (not this context). Spanish and English verb tenses that may appear to be identical are not always equivalents and are not always used in the same contexts to have the same meanings. For example, the English sentence "I've been learning Spanish for ten years" would NOT be written in Spanish (as Cristina suggests) "he estado estudiando español durante diez años" but rather, it would be written by a native Spanish speaker as "estudio español desde hace diez años" or "llevo diez años estudiando español" or "llevo estudiando español desde hace diez años". Please see here for an explanation of how to use these verb tenses correctly in Spanish
September 28, 2017
"He estado haciendo X durante Y años" :)
September 25, 2017
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