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Ahmed Faiq Shihab
What is the Russian textbook similar to "Hitit" of Turkish language, or, What the official textbook I went to turkey and studied Turkish language from "Hitit" textbook in the university institute, It was a language course for higher education requirement, Called TOMER, What the same textbook that I will study in Russia in such case.
Oct 7, 2017 9:39 AM
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I know Hitit because I learned Turkish too. In my opinion, the only similar textbook for learners of Russian is "Tochka Ru". But anyway there is no any special requirement about the textbook in Russia. All that really matters is your Russian level.
October 8, 2017
كنت اسال عن الكتاب الذي يدرس اللغة الروسية للاجانب في الجامعات اي عند دخولك معهد لغة روسي ما هو الكتاب المعتمد
October 11, 2017
سؤالك مو واضح يا سيدي
October 7, 2017
Ahmed Faiq Shihab
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