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Cyrus Ariana
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Grammar When I was thinking to teach my student the pronunciation. Of the word(mouth) I ask them to put their tongue up to their front teeth and push out air from both sides of their mouthed. What do you do?
7 окт. 2017 г., 15:09
Answers · 3
It depends on their first language and whether it has a similar phoneme. Their first language determines the sounds they are likely to substitute for -th. I would try to isolate the problem first to see whether the position of the sound affects the ability to produce it and then move on from there. I would only concentrate on it if the student was determined to get it 100% right. Tip of tongue on two front teeth, lower lip touching bottom of the tongue, breathe out and release the lower lip and tongue.
7 октября 2017 г.
So this is a question about the pronunciation of "th"? Well, the tongue must be visible. Students often try to hide their tongue because it seems strange or they think they'll look silly. I have them make a "ff" sound first, then I tell them to stick out their tongues. They still have to sustain the "thhh" sound.
7 октября 2017 г.
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