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My translation of a small poetry of Trilussa: is it correct? Hello, I would like to know if my translation of a small poetry of Trilussa (Italian poet, "Il Somaro e il Leone") written below, is correct. Thank you. The Donkey and the Lion a Donkey said: - In ancient times, when we didn't have democracy, our breed was worth nothing. In fact, my grandfather to gain advantage had covered itself with a Lion's skin and it was treated respectfully. - Times have changed, my dear friend: - the Lion said - nowadays my skin doesn't serve longer as a shelter. Today, unfortunately, I have lost influence, and sometimes, for prudence I cover myself with the donkey's skin!
8 окт. 2017 г., 7:16
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I think is translated word for word, and I should say it, 's better you read the poem, find out it, feel it then rewrite in other way with the same meaning and feeling. Don, t worry about losing or changing some word or idioms.
8 октября 2017 г.
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