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A question about the phrase 打破沙锅问到底 I would like to know more about the phrase 打破沙锅问到底. I know the meaning of it, but I am curious to know the thinking behind it as it is very strange phrase. Why do you say it like this, and not in a less abstract way?
Oct 9, 2017 8:12 PM
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Literally, "Incessant questioning until the pot cracks". It is just a colorful idiom of exaggeration. 不要让她知道, 否則她会打破沙锅问到底. It is just like in English using "raining like cats and dogs".
October 10, 2017
打破沙锅问到底 the original sentence is 打破砂锅璺到底. "璺" is "纹“ ,means crack. so the sentence means " the casserole brokn , the cracks got to the bottom." If you want to know why we say it like this . just remmember : China's food culture penetrates into many aspects of Chinese culture..
October 10, 2017
It comes from a play on words. “问” puns “纹”, which is the crack at the bottom of a broken “砂锅”. A decent broken 砂锅 tends to have “纹/问” all the way to the bottom.
October 10, 2017
This information might be a bit long, but i think it's quite helpful for this question.
October 9, 2017
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