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What is the opposite of this? "conflict zone" If I say; deconfliction zone Is it OK?
2017年10月9日 21:30
Answers · 4
The phrase "deconfliction zone" is strange (although it does exist in certain cases) and signals that de-escalation of violence is being forced upon the area; for example, you can have a deconfliction zone in Syria but it wouldn't be used to describe an area in Western Europe, even though Western Europe is not a conflict zone. If I understood what you're asking for, it would be more natural to say that the opposite of a "conflict zone" is a "safe area". Edit: (Or "safe area" when related to the military, as Daniel commented below. Like the "green zone" in Baghdad would more properly be a "safe zone" than merely a "safe area".)
No, not at all unfortunately. I wouldn't say there is one clear opposite. You might say 'safe area' or 'safe zone'.
Safe zone or neutral zone.
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