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Как перевести "когда я поучаюсь в чтении"? 'When I learn in reading'? Речь идет не о научении чтению вообще, а о приобретении определенных знаний посредством чтения.
Oct 13, 2017 7:46 PM
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When I learn by reading. Example: "When I learn by reading, I never forget what I learned. When I learn something in a lecture, I forget it in a few days."
October 14, 2017
"когда я поучаюсь в чтении" "When I learn to read" I think this is correct. :-)
October 13, 2017
Здравствуите, владимир. Вы хочешь читать по английский? I can't answer completely in Russian. If you want to start reading then you can find very simple books (google 'graded readers English A1') that are good if you only know very little English. But you should start as soon as you can!
October 13, 2017
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