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Pedro Motta
Exchange without language classes: what do you think? Studying by yourself/with iTalki teacher I am thinking to go to South Africa to study English, but not going to a school, just having a teacher in iTalki, studying at home and talking with the people I will meet there

Do you think it is a good plan?

Oct 15, 2017 3:55 PM
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I had many friends and students go to England, Canada and United States with a work and travel program when they were students. When I asked them whether they improved their English they said that they could speak without any anxiety but they couldn't actually speak better English because they didn't learn new words or new grammar. So, unless you go to a language course in an English speaking country, you won't actually improve your English. In my opinion, you should save the money and simply take lessons from a teacher here or save more money and go to an English language course there ;)
October 15, 2017
Pedro Motta
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