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What is the meaning of "survive into"?!
Oct 16, 2017 10:20 AM
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That might have several meanings - a phrase like that often does without context. The most common one that I can imagine is is that it means to live or exist through, and into, a new phase / era. So 'Many children in this area never survive into adulthood'. 'The movement flourished in the early 19th century, but failed to survive into the modern era, due to the increased reliance on technology'.
October 16, 2017
Hi S.P. Can you put it in context? I can only think that someone may say- 'He survived into his 90th year.' meaning, he lived until/into his 90th year. Or he lived until he was 89. (89 is not a mistake- if you have just born you are not 1 year old but you are in your 1st year.)
October 16, 2017
October 16, 2017
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