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I need correction or suggestion on some of my intro for academic writing Intro1= Fiction vs non-fiction. A hotly-debated topic that often divides opinion.We often hear friends ask why they should read fiction books. There is so much too learn, they say, from history from what’s on frontiers of science. Why should we spend our free time reading fiction books, the purpose of which, at best, is only entertainment? There are numerous reasons why we should read fiction but I explore only a few primary ones here. Intro2= Have you ever wondered why or how people like ....became what they have become? this is the favorite one! Whenever we look at successful people, we call them 'lucky!'. Intro3= Teamwork is always a challenge and there is always someone deviating from the general notion of the group.should we consider them as a benefit or an obstacle to progress? A hotly debated topic that often divides opinions. A lot of people claim that... I can not agree with them more.
Oct 20, 2017 4:21 PM
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I think you should do your own homework. Someone writing your academic paper for you means you will only end up getting a qualification you weren't capable of getting with your own skills.
October 20, 2017
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