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Can someone help me by correcting this text in japanese? ホゼ・ベント・レナート・モンテイロ・ロバートLobato (タウバテ、モンテイロ・ロバートの基礎自治体、サンパウロ州、1882年4月18日– サンパウロ、1948年7月4日)は著作家、活動家、監督、プロデューサーのブラジル人である。 The original text is below: José Bento Renato Monteiro Lobato (Taubaté, now a municipality of Monteiro Lobato, state of São Paulo, April 18, 1882 - city of São Paulo, São Paulo, July 4, 1948) was a Brazilian writer, activist, director and producer.
Oct 26, 2017 3:38 PM
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The part of ( ) means that Mr. Lobato was born in Taubate in 1882 and passed away in Sao Paulo in 1948 ? I could correct the text if I have an answer about this point.
October 27, 2017
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