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How do Japanese schools do and call post-test corrections work? When I was in school (in Russia), we had lessons dedicated to working out mistakes made during language tests. So on the lesson after the test, every student would receive his corrected test and do some exercises related to his specific mistakes. The teacher would help everyone in turn. Students who did not make any mistakes were free to work on whatever they felt like, I think. I'm not sure anymore if the practice only existed in middle school, or continued through to high school too. I cannot even find a definite name for it in English, maybe something like "corrections". So I'm curious to know how Japanese schoolchildren work on mistakes they made on a language test, and if there is a name for this process.
Oct 26, 2017 10:03 PM
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I think the word you are looking for would be 「見直す」「やり直す」as verbs and 「見直し」「やり直し」as nouns. As phrases, it would be 「テストを見直す」. When school kids receive their corrected tests, of whatever subject, their teacher gives them commentary or hands out a description of the test so that kids can correct their mistakes. My son in an elementary school brings back home tests with red circles and blue circles on. They get red circles for correct answers at the first time and then after they corrected their mistakes they get blue circles. But I think from junior high school on up they bring their tests home and do 「見直し」on their own.
October 27, 2017
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