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Jang Joonggun
Can you tell me for real? My English teacher said to me 'Can you tell me for real' is wrong and said use 'tell me sincerely or earnestly.' (He said 'Are you for real?' is OK cause it's more of an expression.) I googled and found this line. "Can you tell me for real if this book has robots in it?" What do you think of this?
2017년 10월 27일 오전 7:54
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I think if your teacher is fine with "are you for real" there's no reason why "can you tell me for real" is unacceptable. But since "for real" is pretty casual, you can drop the "can you" so it sounds more natural and doesn't sound so formal. For example, "Come on! Stop messing with me. Tell me for real."
2017년 10월 27일
"can you tell me for real" is valid english, however its only used in the spoken language, it can also be considered alittle stiff/rude.
2017년 10월 27일
Jang Joonggun
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