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Lisa Karth
튀는 meaning here? Could someone tell me what's the meaning of '튀는' here? >_< 나혼자만 넘튀는 것같아 창피해서 입기 싫었는데 Thank you~♥
Oct 27, 2017 2:46 PM
Answers · 2
Hi, I'm Jina. 튀는's basic form of verb is 튀다. In this context, it means Stand out, Be showy. ex) 너무 튀는 것 같아. (It looks a little too loud.) 나는 튀는 거 안좋아해. (I don't like to stand out.) 사람들 많은 곳에서 튀는 행동 하지 마라. (Don't draw attention to yourself in a crowded place.) I hope it will help you (:
October 27, 2017
Lisa Karth
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