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Farrah B (박파라/博菲拉)
有人知道在香港旅遊的好地方嗎? Does anyone know good places to travel to in Hong Kong? 大家好~!我叫博菲拉。我正在住在臺灣,但我需要去香港拿到我新的臺灣簽證。下禮拜二我打算去香港旅行三個天。 因爲我還沒有制定旅游計劃,我希望有香港人可以幫我找到好的地方旅行!如果有人想語言交換,我也可以!我從美國來的所以我的母語是英文,但我也會說華語。我也不介意學粵語!我很希望你們可以幫我囉 哈哈~ 謝謝☺! Hello everyone! My name is Farrah. I currently live in Taiwan, but I have to go to Hong Kong to get my new resident visa. Next Tuesday, I plan to go to Hong Kong and I will be there for three days. Because this was kind of a last-minute thing and I didn't make any travel plans, I really hope there are some Hong Kongers here that can help me find some places to travel! If you would like to do language exchange, I can do that as well! I'm from America so my mother tongue is English, and I can speak Mandarin Chinese as well. I also wouldn't mind learning a bit of Cantonese! I hope you guys can help me! haha Thank you~!
Oct 28, 2017 4:21 AM
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I am a Taiwanese currently living in HK. If you like nature, I would recommend you 昂坪360 Ngong Ping 360 in 東涌 Tung Chung (which is also a MTR station). There is also a huge buddism statue on the top of the mountain, and sometimes they may have some martial arts performance there. 大澳 Tai O is also a great place for people who likes sea, pink dolphins, and traditional houses built just above the tidal area. The most important phrases in Cantonese you must know is 唔該 (ng goi) which means 'excuse me', 'thank you', or when you want to catch waiters' attention in a restaurant.
October 30, 2017
Hi! I'm not from hk, but ive traveled there several times ! These are my recommendations for you: 白天的話可以去「彩虹」拍照 去「中環」的街道,有很多有創意的店和老式茶餐廳,我去過「蓮香樓」。 逛街的話,我一般會去「海港城」那裡什麼都有,廣東道周邊也有很多店, 我還很喜歡「旺角」街頭的小店 很多雜貨鋪,你可以找到有趣的小玩意 晚上的話, 你可以去太平山頂看夜景,去蘭桂坊都不錯 11月香港有很多藝術展,如果你感興趣,可以下載「vart」app 查看
October 28, 2017
Farrah B (박파라/博菲拉)
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