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What is 만날 사람 없네 in english? What is 만날 사람 없네 in english? I know 만날 & 사람 but i still don't understand what it means. Please help me. Thank you so much.
Oct 28, 2017 9:04 AM
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만날 사람 없네 I don't have anyone who I will meet 만날 사람 means "a person who I will meet" 만날 >> 만나(다) + 을 만나다 means "to meet" 을 is future modifier suffix. c.f. 만나는 사람 means "a person who I meet" present 만난 사람 means "a person who I met" past A verb can be a modifier with modifier suffix 은,는,을. Modifier form have tense like as verb by adding tense ending. 어제 사과를 먹었다(I ate an apple yesterday) 어제 먹은 사과(an apple which I ate yesterday) 먹은 is 과거 관형사형(past modifier form) of 먹다 지금 사과를 먹는다(I eat an apple now) 지금 먹는 사과(an apple which I eat now) 먹는 is 현재 관형사형(present modifier form) of 먹다 내일 사과를 먹을 것이다(I will eat an apple tomorrow) 내일 먹을 사과(an apple which I will eat tomorrow) 먹을 is 미래 관형사형(future modifier form) of 먹다
October 28, 2017
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