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박희섭(Heesob Park)
What does "спомнят" mean? What does "спомнят" mean in the following sentence? Но малцина от тях си спомнят това. As I know, спомнят is third person plural present tense of спомня and спомням. спомня is perfect verb and спомням is imperfect verb. Is there any difference in the meaning between two? Which verb between спомня and спомням is used in the above sentence?
28 Eki 2017 09:06
Answers · 6
"Спомнят" means "they remember; "Спомням" - as far as I remember, call to mind, think of;
28 Ekim 2017
In bulgarian present tense, the only possible form of the verbs is the imperfective one. So, in this sentence, undoubtly, the respective verb in singular would be "спомням си". However, in all other uses ( like an infinitive, in future tense, etc.), since the plural 3rd person form "спомнят" is the same for perfect and imperfect, it is not possible to make any difference. (especially for this verb and its 3rd p. form in particular!)
28 Ekim 2017
박희섭(Heesob Park)
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