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In / On the cover When we talk about a photograph or a picture we can say "there is *something* in the picture". But what if I'm referring to something depicted on (in?) a book cover? Is it "there is *something* in the cover" or "on the cover"? Or should I say "in the book cover picture"? Thanks in advance.
28 okt 2017 10:33
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Hi, Kseniia! "On the cover" would be correct. In this situation, it's all about context: because there is an "inside" part of a book (the pages), the cover is considered to be the surface, so anything that appears there is "on." When we're looking only at a photo, the only "inside" part is what appears within the photo (since there are no pages bound to it). I hope this helps answer your question. Please let me know if my answer is unclear or confusing. Thank you.
28 oktober 2017
I would tend towards "on the cover". "In the cover" sounds more like soldiers trying not to be seen.
28 oktober 2017
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