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Could you help me explain What is the difference between "depending on, based on, according to", especially the use of "depending on", i am pretty confused, it can't be used in the negative sentence, see these examples below.

1, I can't make any further judgements depending on these pictures only. (If i replace "depending on" with "based on and according to" still sound natural?)

2, we will get you the bouns depending on your last year's performance (also, if i use "based on and according to" in this sentence, sound natural?)

Oct 29, 2017 1:21 AM
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Hi Allan. Here a few examples: Depending on... the test results turn out. ...his opinion about the fact we will decide to continue. There are 2 or more outcomes here. There is something yet unknown (like an opinion of someone , or a result...) that will determine any further action. For example: If he has an grade A in the test he will be happy. But if he has an E he will be sad. Therefore DEPENDING ON the results of the test he will feel either happy or sad. Based on... ...this test result, his parents will decide (or decided) which school he shall attend in the future. Based on can be used here because the test results are known now. Depending on is very similar but it suggest that the parents don't know the results yet. According to... .... (Something or someone) ....the boy the test turned out well. ....the research results ....the article (It's like: The article says eating vegetables is good for your health. I will act according to this information and will eat more vegetables. Depending on what the article says I will decide on my diet. Based on the article I have decided to eat more vegetables. Hope that helps a bit. Cheers :)
October 29, 2017
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