Second conditional and third conditional in Russian How would you translate the following sentence? Если бы он там был, он бы ей помог. If he were there, he would help her. (but he isn't there so he can't help her). or If he had been there he would have helped her. (but he wasn't there so he didn't help her) How would you translate the following sentences into Russian? a) If he had the money, he would give it to you. b) If he had had the money he would have given it to you.
Oct 29, 2017 8:45 AM
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Basicly, second and third conditionals in Russian don't differ. So both phrases are translated the same way. If you want (or need), you can emphasize the third conditional by adding time markers, like "then" or "yesterday". 1) Если бы у него были деньги, он бы тебе дал (though, it sound a little bit weird - "давать" also means sex, so it's better to use other words, like "share" or "borrow") 2) Если бы у него ТОГДА были деньги, он бы тебе ОДОЛЖИЛ.
October 31, 2017
If we stick to the ideal rules in English then "If he had been there he would have helped her." would be the right one as in Russian you're taking about hypothetical action in the past while "If he were there, he would help her." is meant to refer to present. a) Если бы у него были деньги, он бы тебе дал. b) Если бы у него тогда были деньги, он бы тебе дал.
October 29, 2017
Carla, both. "Если бы он там был... " ....can be interpreted both as referring to a past and present situation. It answers both your questions:) If you need to indicate the exact timing, you jsut add "that time" or "now". It is normally clear from the context, so it is not obligatory:) You may add this for - to distingish past and present, when it is not clear. - just for to sound exact - for exactness of a different sort (that moment vs. those days, right now vs. taday). - in Elena's example: that he may have money now (even though he didn't have them then) - even when it is clear that 'give' refers to past. - it is possible to specify "give' part, too: Если бы у меня была работа, я бы тебе сейчас одолжил денег. Если бы деньги у меня водились, я бы, конечно, одолжил. jocular "водились" imlies "in general, usually". Если бы мне тогда заплатили, я бы тебе сейчас одолжил. (if they paid me then, I'd lend you now).
October 29, 2017
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