defined article I want to figure out when I can use 'the' instead of personal pronoun? Example: I washed my face. I washed the face. I know that there is a common mistake of learners of Russian whose first lamguage uses articles. It consists in the fact that they overuse personal pronouns. Russian doesn't contain articles and it's grammar allows you to skip personal pronouns when a context is enough. 'Cause you are most likely washing your own face. HOw does it sound if i use defined article instead of my, your etc...&
Oct 31, 2017 7:32 AM
Answers · 3
Where my is a personal pronoun thus implies ownership 'the' is used to highlight or bring significance to an object. Its mostly used with something that has been mentioned in previous sentences or has been specified throughout the context of the paragraph. For example; " I was watching Thor last week. In my openion 'the' movie lacked a backstory. " I use 'the' in this paragraph as way of specifying that it was a specific movie that lacked and not a random movie. 'The' would have a similar effect to 'это' , 'эти' . Although it's not completely the same.
October 31, 2017
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