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What does the author mean by the last sentence? 远和近 你, 一会儿看我, 一会儿看云。 我觉得, 你看我时很远, 你看云时很近。From what I can see this poem is about coldness in the relationship between two people. Although clouds are further away than the distance between them, the feeling is opposite.
Oct 31, 2017 1:30 PM
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I checked the poet of this poem and his name is Gu Cheng. He was famous for his mistry poetry, which means there may be a lot of ways to understand and explain the vague meanings and symbols in his poetry. However, most of his poetry basically wants to express that people should keep some purity of children and return to nature to find their identities, but he had no confidence to persuade people to give up something practical. So, from this aspect, the last sentence might be interpreted as some kind of uncertainty or insecurity between the furture of relationship of two people. In this poem, "I" like the cloud and want "you" to appreciate it together, but "I" am not sure whether "you" really like the cloud as "I" like. Seemingly the two people have been good partners, but whether they would become soulmate is not sure. Hope it would help you understand (*^__^*)
November 4, 2017
The poet uses metaphors and hyperboles in his writing. As we all know, clouds are very far from the earth, however the distance between our hearts is much farther even than that. so it implies that you don't love me anymore.
October 31, 2017
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