How do I say these words in Japanese? Sheep (The type of animal) Ram (A male adult sheep) Ewe (A Female adult sheep) Lamb (A baby sheep) Do they all have the same name in japanese regardless of their age or gender?
Nov 5, 2017 3:12 AM
Answers · 5
Sheep (The type of animal): 羊(ひつじ) Ram (A male adult sheep): 雄羊(おひつじ) Ewe (A Female adult sheep): 雌羊(めひつじ) Lamb (A baby sheep): 子羊・仔羊(こひつじ)
November 5, 2017
Sheep (The type of animal)→ひつじ 羊 Ram (A male adult sheep)→まとん マトン Ewe (A Female adult sheep)→まとん マトン Lamb (A baby sheep)→らむ ラム らむにく ラム肉
November 5, 2017
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