how to say online in mandarin? I see 上网 and also 网上, are they interchangeable? are there other ways to say online or internet? for instance in those sentences: I buy plane tickets online I go online to study mandarin the movie isn't available online Thanks!! (I would appreciate an answer in English unsing pinyin if possible since I don't read characters)
Nov 9, 2017 6:04 PM
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网上 describes a place. in internet , online and we always add 在 in front of 网上 上网 describes a motion . surf the internet. I buy plane tickets online= 我(I)在网上(online)买(buy)飞机票(plane tickets) I surf the internet to buy plane tickets= 我(I)上网(surf the internet)买(to buy )飞机票(plane tickets)
November 9, 2017
In general they are not interchangeable. "shang wang" (上网)is used as a verb, it means "surf the internet". For instance: what are you doing now? To answer that you are online (surfing) you can say: wo zai shang wang. "wang shang "(网上)describes the status of being online. All your examples should use this word: wo zai wang shang mai ji piao <-> I buy plane tickets online. wo zai wang shang xue zhong wen <-> I go online to study Mandarin. zhe bu dian yin wang shang mei you <-> The movie isn't available online. There are also other ways to say that you are online. Ta xian zai bu zai xian<-> he/she is currently not online. It also describes the status of being online. Usually "zai xian" is used to describe that a person is online. Also "wang shang" can be used together with other words to create a new word. e.g. wang shang yin hang <-> online banking
November 9, 2017
网络 (wang3 luo4) = The internet
November 10, 2017
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