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機構 and 組織... What's the difference? :o What's the difference between these two words. They can both be translated as 'organization' and 'institution' :o
Nov 11, 2017 10:57 AM
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機構:泛指機關團體或工作單位。如:「私人機構」、「公家機構」。 組織(=機關):一群人為達特定目標,經由一定的程序所組成的團體。如:「政府組織」、「議會組織」。 由此可見,組織強調制式上的程序規則,因此兩者解釋略有出入。 The word ''組織'' especially emphasizes an organization which found by rules; however, the other word ''機構'' just means a working unit. If you like my answer, please click the like button on our Facebook Fanpage. https://www.facebook.com/cceg2017/ Thank you :)
November 12, 2017
组织 多为民间自发性质的,比如 民团组织 帮派组织 机构 多为国家官方性质的,比如 科研机构 执法机构
November 12, 2017
機構(n)1:organ;institution 機構(n)2:mechanism 組織(v): organize; form 組織(n):organization; organized system 組織 usually emphasize politics, consciousness, relationship, connection and so on, such as religious organizations, reactionary organizations and so on. 機構 usually emphasize the organization, planning and implementation of the organization. Such as administrative institutions, educational institutions, training institutions, medical institutions and so on.
November 11, 2017
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