Is my question right? 'Why does the light blue line classifies so bad against the other?' That was my question but I have a feeling that is not correct. Especially by the combination of 'does' + 'classifies'.
Nov 12, 2017 9:50 PM
Answers · 3
This is a problem with subject-verb agreement. You want 'does' and 'classifies' to agree with each other. We drop the s at the end of verbs when using 'does.' So the correct question would be "Why does the light blue line classify so bad against the other?" Does and classify agree with each other. You were trying to ask a present tense question and knew that you needed to use 'does' in this sentence. When the subject is he, she, or it use 'does' and drop 's' at the end of the verb. We use 'do' when the subject is I, we, you, or they. An example of this would be "Do they walk to school?" or "Do you write books?" An example of 'does' in a question would be "Does she use iTalki?" or "Does he classify notes?" I'm confused on what you're asking. To classify means to put something in categories. Is the line classified against another line? I get the sense you want to use the word contrast, which is often used when describing a striking difference in color. "Why does the light blue line contrast badly against the other?"
November 12, 2017
Yeah... when you says "does" the you don't have to continue with "es" or "s" because of "doES". So it will be "Why does the light blue line classify..." But I don't know if there is any other mistake, sorry
November 12, 2017
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