What are these two guys saying in this video ? Can anyone please tell me what they are saying at 9:17 the guy inside the wardrobe 9:47 the guy in khaki green Tshirt Here is the video (I am so sorry that you have to copy the link and search it as I can't put hyperlink on here...) Thank you so much!
Nov 18, 2017 5:18 AM
Answers · 3
"Honestly, I was like my..." ??? I guess I'd need to watch the whole video for context. The guy is commenting on the prank. The second part is a dialogue, so it's better to look at it fully. The first guy says the "Christmassy merch(andise) has now been dropped" (=made available). Then... "I once almost got dropped." (Maybe he's referring to a girlfriend dropping him, ie. ending the relationship.) "On your head as a baby?" (=a childhood accident which explains your stupidity now) "...and that." :)
November 18, 2017
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