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Can this example sentence be used in a context ...? b) “She was trying to drown him when we found them,” said Urswyck the Faithful. She reddened. “In anger I forgot myself, but I _would never have killed_ him. If he dies the Lannisters will put my lady’s daughters to the sword.” Hi. The word "counterfactual" has two meanings: 1) refer to what is contrary to the facts of an event, situation, etc. 2) refer to events that did not happen So again, b) just expresses sense 2), not 1), because there was no greater provocation, the event "didn't kill him" didn't happen in the actual world, and thus has to be imagined. 1. Is my thinking right? 2. Can this example sentence be used in a context where the guy has actually been killed due to some accidents? Thank you in advance.
Nov 19, 2017 4:57 AM
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