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Do you know Mola Naser din? روزی بود روزگاری ملانصرالدین بر الاغش سوار شد و به سوی باغش روانه شد. وقتی به باغ رسید الاغ را به درختی بست و وارد باغ شد تا مقدار ی میوه بچیند و برای همسرش بیاورد.پس از ساعتی از باغ بیرون آمد تا با الاغش به خانه برود. خر افسارش را پاره کرده بود و رفته بود.  هر جا گشت آنرا ندید. مجبور شد پیاده با میوه ها به خانه برگردد. اما در حالیکه پشت سرهم خدا را شکر می کرد وارد خانه شد. زنش علت آن همه شکر گزاری را پرسید. ملا با خوشحالی گفت:خدا را شکر که خودم سوار خر نبودم وگرنه خودم هم گم می شدم.  Once upon a time mola Naser din rode his donkey to his garden to bring some fruits for his wife. When he arrived there he tied it to a tree and went  into the garden to pick fruits. After an hour he went out to ride to home. The donkey had torn the rope and ran away. He walked back to home with the fruit on his back. While entering into the home he was thanking God on and on. His wife asked him about thanking God a lot. He answered while laughing and thanking God:Thanks God for not riding it to home otherwise, I would be lost too.
Nov 19, 2017 11:30 PM
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Very amusing story. The passage in Farsi is too complex for a beginner, so I hope to be able to read it in the future. Thanks for posting, and I hope you will continue. Can you possibly add some commentary about where the story comes from, if you have time? Thanks in advance.
November 20, 2017
Molla Naseadin was a really foolish man that people use him in their funny n stupidly story as a main role.
November 20, 2017
Thanks Cyrus and Mammad, I understand now. It was very amusing story.
November 21, 2017
Dear Charles It is very welcomed that you like such short stories from Iran. I think this character is symbolic in our folk literature. And perhaps it pretend the simple people from the last times that were kind and simple like children but now! Most people are not like that. Anyway thanks for your observation. Cyrus
November 20, 2017
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