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Coversations between a buyer and a seller.(How to put the similar thoughts in natural English.) -What about 100 yuan? That's my final offer. -You win. I sell it to you just at the cost price this time for your future visit to my shop. Does the seller's reply sound natural? It sounds natural in my mother language because it is kind of directly translated into English. There are cultural differences. So I don't know how native English speakers would express the similar thoughts in English and what's the appropriate thing to say. Generally, what would you say to make a bargain and how the sellers would reply.( You can ignore the question if you don't want to answer. : ) )
Nov 24, 2017 3:39 PM
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First of all, a person doing business should never say, "You win." It is not a game or contest, it's a negotiation. A better way to say it would be: "Okay, I agree to this price. I will sell it to you just at the cost price this time as a gesture of good will. In return, I hope you will make a return visit to my shop."
November 24, 2017
How much are you asking for this? Oh, it's £15. Would you accept £10? How about 12? Done! (Deal agreed). I like this, but am not sure I can afford it. How much were you looking to spend? About £25. Hmm, well, I can do it for 20. (You can have it for £20). Ok, that's great. I'll take it!
November 24, 2017
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