Chicken on hen? What's the difference between those two words? As far as I can understand "chicken" means a little hen ("a child") while "hen" means "an adult". Also, chicken is meat. Help me, please.
Nov 24, 2017 5:13 PM
Answers · 5
General term(male/female) =Chicken Adult female chicken =Hen Adult male chicken =Rooster/Cock Baby chicken (male/female)=Chick Young female chicken =Pullet Young male chicken=Cockerel "I ate hen on Thanksgiving."=specifically stating the type of chicken that I ate. "I ate chicken on Thanksgiving. "=using the general term. The person doesn't know the specific type that I ate.
November 24, 2017
rooster: male , you can also use cock, but it has another meaning, which sometimes leads to a misunderstand hen: female chicken: child hen or rooster, it is the meat of rooster or hen as well
November 24, 2017
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